When It’s Hot and Dry, Here’s How to Take Care of Your Lawn

In many sections of the country, the summer months can be lengthy, hot, and dry. Hot heat and dry conditions can harm, if not kill, your grass. Homeowners want to protect their landscaping, but they’re not sure how to keep their lawn lush and green throughout the summer. Protect your investment by following these simple guidelines to keep your lawn looking fantastic this summer, regardless of the weather.
Avoid fertiliser at all costs: If your grass appears dry and sparse during the summer, you may be tempted to fertilise it. This may cause more harm than good, as fertilising your lawn incorrectly during the hot summer months might cause your grass to burn. Because your grass isn’t actively growing at this time of year, all you’ll be doing is nourishing the weeds. Instead, fertilise your lawn a month before the summer heat arrives. Use a fertiliser with a low nitrogen content that releases slowly. Check out this site https://chargerbulletin.com/clean-up-after-your-trees

Mow your lawn to the right length: Many people believe that if they mow their lawn short, they would not have to mow as often. Unfortunately, cutting your lawn too short allows weeds to take over. Furthermore, grass that is trimmed shorter than 3 inches is less drought resistant. Only mow as needed during the warmer summer months. Mowing during the hottest portion of the day, when moisture is lost quickly, should be avoided. Cut your grass in the mornings or evenings instead.
Water your lawn properly: In moderately hot weather, 1 inch per week is recommended, and 2 inches per week in really hot weather. By sticking a screwdriver into the dirt, you can detect if it is damp. If it simply goes in, your soil is moist enough; if not, you may need to water your grass more frequently. Water in the mornings and evenings when evaporation is at its lowest. Keep in mind that sections in the shade may require less water than regions in the sun.
With an autonomous sprinkler system, homeowners may set up a watering plan that best suits their lawn’s demands. The nicest benefit about using this type of irrigation system is that you don’t have to water every day. Your sprinklers will turn on at the time you specify and switch off automatically once you’ve configured them. Watering your grass is straightforward and convenient with these solutions.
Maintain a healthy lawn: Toys, chairs, and other items should be taken off the lawn once they have been used. They can suffocate the grass and leave brown stains if left too long.
Mulch: Organic mulch helps your lawn and plants retain moisture in the soil while also providing nutrients. Rather than putting your grass clippings in a bag, return them to the yard.
Maintaining your grass during the hot summer months ensures that your landscape remains attractive and healthy. You can protect your landscaping investment all summer long if you have the necessary skills and knowledge.