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You and your family have been together for many years, but now your lives are being shaken by a powerful turbulence. Your relationships have begun to devolve into disaster. The autopilots in your lives have been turned off one by one, and what used to always work is no longer working. You’re quickly being sucked into the waves, with no way to escape. You’re yelling and pleading for assistance, but there’s nothing but despair ahead of you. The life you worked so hard for is now slipping away from you. It’s around the age of 40 that everything starts to happen.Learn more by visiting Chula Vista Bioidentical Hormones Association

You want to shower your spouse and children with your undivided attention. Instead, you go through a mood swing and yell at them, making them angry. You begin to argue with your spouse more frequently, and you begin to decline invitations to go out with your friends because you are tired. You, on the other hand, were always the first to arrive. After that, Sunday came around. It’s time to have some fun. It’s now a matter of duty and routine. This day had suddenly become a chore for you. You lack the imagination and vigoro that you once possessed. can cause. If you’re considering HRT, bioidentical hormone therapy prescribed by a bioidentical hormone doctor is most likely the best option. Making an appointment with a bioidentical hormone doctor who is well-versed in bioidentical hormones is the first step in beginning any type of bioidentical hormone replacement program. There’s a chance your symptoms are the result of an underlying medical condition. It’s possible that your thyroid is causing the issue, or that you have high blood pressure, or that you have a heart condition. Regardless, you want to figure out what’s causing your symptoms, and you’ll need your doctor’s help to do so. Your doctor will discuss your symptoms with you and perform a physical examination. A blood test will be performed to determine your hormone levels. Additional testing by your doctor may be necessary.