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Moving from one house to another can be intimidating especially if it is a great distance from A to B. Once you have chosen where you will live, found a new home and gotten a new job, you will need to start dealing with the logistics of your move. Acquiring moving estimates from several movers who specialize in long distance moving should be a high priority. Your choice of long distance movers will help decide on whether or not your moving experience is good or if it’s a painful event – never to be tried again. You can find out the real scoop on interstate moving companies by cruising through forums dedicated to moving & relocation to learn what others are saying about their experiences. Learn more by visiting Sky Van Lines-Moving Company.

On the moving company’s website you most likely find favorable reviews from previous customers, however, investigate a bit further on other review moving sites to learn a better insight as to what a mover’s reputation is like. Browse over to the BBB’s website to get an online review of the mover under scrutiny, then expand further to more specific moving related portals. Long distance movers will be happy to provide the names of clients that you can call and personally speak with to get a better understanding of their services.

Other ways you can find out the real scoop on interstate moving companies is to cruise through forums dedicated to moving experiences. Remember, though, that some people will nit-pick the smallest details and just can’t be pleased. Use common sense when weighing out the good and the bad.

When you feel you’ve identified a few potential long distance movers, then it’s time to proceed to inquiry about their moving quotes and cost estimates that can help you check their services. Be sure to have a clear inventory of items before you call! Estimating and/or weighing your stuff is a thing of the past as the organization will have estimation weights on many types of furniture and related items.

Consider that this is only a rough estimate for moving your stuff from A to B locations. You will receive an approximate figure that is standard with other moves going the same distance your move is going – to get a more realistic figure, your load will be weighted at a certified scale prior to taking the journey to your new destination.

Will you want the movers to pack your things or do it yourself? Keep in mind that moving companies have intimate knowledge of the stress put on boxes and furniture and know how to protect them using the appropriate materials and box strengths. Moving company quotes that include the cost of packing and loading your possessions are often not much more than if you would pack your things yourself.

Ensure that not only do you fully understand the terms of your insurance, but that any moving quotes that you get include the costs for it. Be aware that moving insurance might not totally replace an item if it’s destroyed in the process of moving. Insurance policies pay you by the weight of your item, not by the value, so your light weight expensive items may not be insured for enough value.