Physicians Recommend Medical Marijuana For Cancer

Many physicians recommend medical marijuana to terminally ill cancer patients who are not responding to other treatments. This is not an unusual request as it has been reported that marijuana can have very positive benefits for those who are terminally ill. Many physicians around the world feel that it is important that people who are terminally ill to receive some type of medicinal treatment as there are many side effects associated with chemotherapy that causes the body to suffer in a negative way. Do you want more info view publisher site

Unfortunately, many Cancer patients find that medical marijuana does not work for them or they do not get the relief that they were looking for. This is unfortunate since the medical marijuana doctors recommend containing such powerful chemicals that it may be responsible for killing the cancer patient. Although the patient is going through a difficult time, his doctor may feel that he has no choice but to take the life of the patient. It is important to understand that every single cancer patient is different and reacts differently to different medications. You should discuss your concerns with your physician and see if he can suggest any other therapies to cure your cancer or help alleviate your symptoms.

There have been several studies done to determine whether or not medical marijuana is effective in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. However, the studies have not found evidence that proves medical marijuana is effective in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Instead, most physicians recommend the patient to use alternative forms of medication such as natural herbs and vitamins. No one knows for sure if medical marijuana will work for each individual but studies continue and until the process is completely researched, it is best to follow the doctors recommendations regarding chemotherapy and stick with what your physician tells you.