NYC Tree Service Association- Info

A tree service is a career involving the care of live trees. The profession of tree care encompasses two basic activities: felling trees and pruning trees. Tree felling deals with removing old growths and unwanted debris from the trunks of trees. This helps prevent disease, pests and the onset of decay. On the other hand, pruning removes unwanted, broken or dead limbs from a tree so that it may be salvaged for reuse or other purposes. Learn more by visiting NYC Tree Service Association.

If you are looking for a job in tree service, you will likely start off by taking care of small shrubs or trees that you personally need. As you gain experience, you will likely take on larger and more problematic shrub care jobs such as tree trimming, tree removal and the like. In the course of your career as a tree service provider, you will also likely work as a groundskeeper, a landscaper, an architect and a property manager.

To become a tree service provider, you will need to have a valid license in the area where you live. You can learn more about your state’s licensing requirements by contacting your local division of the Department of Labor. Once licensed, you can search for jobs in tree care through your local agency. You can also search on the Internet and find out what types of jobs are available in your area. If you do not own a truck, you can always rent one to help you get to those jobs that are far from home.