Magnetic glass whiteboard – Info

Magnetic whiteboards have a host of uses, from home use by toddlers or students, to small or large business use for a variety of purposes from presentations to memo boards. Years ago, we used blackboards, but they certainly contributed to dust pollution and who knows how many hay fever or asthma attacks? A magnetic whiteboard – simply put – is much healthier, but it is certainly more expensive. Magnetic glass whiteboard near me is one of the authority sites on this topic. Did you ever think of making your own? A price comparison is needed here. You may find that buying a magnetic whiteboard is actually cheaper than making one.

You will firstly need to buy the base for your whiteboard base. This can be surprisingly expensive, depending on what you buy. Several other products are needed to prepare the surface; sandpaper – both fine and medium, Spackle, and rubbing alcohol to clean the surface after preparation.

You also need magnetic primer and dry-erase paint to make your whiteboard. When it is all done, you will have to purchase the magnets, the markers and the cleaning product. Not to mention the hardware you need to hang the board on the wall. When you add up all these costs along with the cost of your time, you may find that buying a magnetic white board is cheaper than making one. Buying a whiteboard allows you to select a size, shape and style to suit your needs and purchasing online means that your never have to leave the comfort of your office or home, simply browse online.