How Interior Shutters Can Enhance Your Home

Interior shutters, once popular in older homes in America and in European countries, gradually lost favor toward the end of the Victorian age, when heavy, dark drapes made up for their inadequacies. The trend toward lighter, modern interior decor quickly replaced the old, heavy, outdated shutters. However, the rising popularity of newer building technologies (stacked cabinetry, slats, louvers, and weather stripping) and the recent trend toward “built-in” or “open” designs indirectly displaced interior shutters as a useful way to control the amount of light and heat entering a room. In fact, interior shutters (especially hurricane shutters) may not be used much any longer for the purpose of interior decorating – they are mostly used nowadays as decorations, to cover exposed brick walls and windows, to decorate staircases and porches, or to line pantries and kitchens.Learn more about this at interior shutters monmouth.

For example, in many new homes nowadays, there is an abundance of space and families are looking for interior shutters that will not take up too much of that space, but will still give them privacy and help control the amount of sun that comes into the room, especially if the interior shutters are located in a child’s room or playroom. It’s not hard to find interior shutters that will do that; you can get vinyl blinds that come in just about any color or pattern, as well as wooden blinds (those with hinges). You can even buy French doors with interior shutters – these are typically white, but painted or stained wood shutters can be put in place to allow light to penetrate and let in some sunlight, too.

Of course, exterior shutters provide many benefits. They add beauty and value to the home, keep outdoor spaces cool and comfortable, keep heat from heating up the interior of the house, prevent wood rot and termites, and more. They can also add security, since most come with a locking mechanism, and have a higher impact resistance than most other types of window treatments. Overall, they’re a great choice.

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