Custom Shutters – At a Glance

Plantation shutters, otherwise known as window shutters, are firm and secure coverings normally made of vertical stiles of frame with horizontal bars on the top, center and at the bottom. The frame is usually appended with louvers, fabric, solid panels, glass or any other embellishments that can be built within the frame. full article
The types of window shutters that have maneuverable louvers have different terms that include California shutters, traditional shutters, or plantation shutters. These terms normally refer to the louver blades’ size. Other types of interior shutters employ fixed louvers that do not swivel, with flat or recessed tinted glass or fabric inserts and solid panels that can be lifted
The plantation shutters are installed by people on their windows to have privacy and solitude inside the home, manage the amount of sunlight that enters a room, protect the room from weather changes and improve the building’s value.
The manner of mounting the plantation shutters ultimately depends on the construction and application of the window frame, thus permitting the plantation shutters to overlap the opening or to fit inside the window opening. Interior shutters can be made from various wood types and an assortment of synthetic materials. They are stained and painted for decoration. Some buildings make use of shutters to appropriately cover the windows and even the doors.
Full height plantation shutters are manufactured with parallel partition railings that divide the upper and lower parts of the shutter. A rod or a tilt bar is utilized to regulate the louver level and to maintain them in a regular position. When the louver or rod is dented, there are replacement kits available in the market that provides expediency in installing and replacing the damaged part.
The interior window coverings or plantation shutters normally hinge on either of the window’s sides. They turn inwards to allow an appropriate amount of light to enter the room. Louvered window shutters contain slats or louvers, which open and close to control the amount of light, airflow and visibility. They can even act as blackout blinds cutting out all lighting to a room if installed with this purpose in mind.
The types of plantation shutters are configured based on the number of tier units. A single tier unit contains one shutter from the top to the bottom of the window opening. Multiple tier units display separate shutters on every tier, letting the shutters on top open widely while the shutters on the bottom region remain closed, and vice versa. Shutters that only provide covering to the lower part of the window are known as Cafe shutters