Window Shutters – A Closer Look

A window shutter is an adjustable and stable window cover usually made up of a long frame of horizontal and vertical rails and wooden louvers. Normally mounted on the outside of the frame, louvers can be attached to open and close the windows; fabric, glass, solid panel and practically any other material can also be attached to the frame for the same purpose. Windows shutters are very common in old houses, which need to be decorated and the windows need not always be operable so as to remain functional. In such a situation, the window shutter becomes very useful as it provides the required covering while allowing the freedom of movement inside the house. Windows are normally meant for external usage, but they are often fitted to windows for maintaining privacy when desired. Get more info about Shuttercraft Stafford-Window Shutters Stafford.

Windows are normally covered with plantation shutters, which are basically vertical slats of wood hung horizontally. The most commonly used material for window shutters is wood because it looks good, is durable and also requires minimum maintenance. To maintain the look of the louvers and to prevent rotting, oil is used to keep them glistening. A window shutter consists of two or more panels and the panels may have different designs to suit the window.

As compared to other shutters, window shutters have some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that they are expensive as well as heavy as compared to plantation shutters. Also, slats that have been fixed in the frame tend to get loose after a few years and thus damage the functioning of the shutter. Some shutters also have slats with a tapered bend at the end, which makes it difficult to open and close. However, these are minor disadvantages and these are not major impediments because most people can overcome these problems by investing in good quality wood louvers and by ensuring proper installation and regularly cleaning of the shutters.