Summary about Radon Mitigation

However, if this radon mitigation device is unsuccessful and there is still detectable gas in the house, you can consider an active radon mitigation system, which includes the installation of a fan that runs through the building and creates low pressure under the slabs, increasing the rate at which Radon gas is evacuated. In this type of radon mitigation, the fan will need to be installed in an attic, which is particularly important if the building’s foundation is slab-on-grade or even crawl-space. You may want to check out radon mitigation for more.

Additionally, you must ensure that the vent that runs through the roof of your building does not allow water from the pipe to leak down onto the slab underneath it, as this would be hazardous.Installing passive radon mitigation systems will cost between $150 and $300, while installing an active system will cost between $250 and $500, depending on the size of the house.

Is it necessary to conduct a radon gas test in your home? Yes, is the only answer! What is the reason for this? Since radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, and it’s simple to reduce the risk.

Radon is invisible, odourless, and tasteless. However, it could still be an issue in your house. A simple radon test in your home is the only way to know for sure whether you have a problem. Most radon test kits take 48 hours to complete, and the results can take up to a week to arrive from the lab. Using an electronic measuring unit, for example, is a faster way to test your home. These approaches are more costly, and have the same results as the 48-hour canisters do. It’s best to use the basic canister test kits if you have the spare time. These are available at your favourite hardware store. This sounds more complicated than it is, but you can complete it in one afternoon and get results that are guaranteed to be less than 4pCi/L. This will provide you and your family with the radiation protection that you and they deserve.


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