Roofing Contractors – What Do They Do?

A roofer, roofing technician, or roof repairman is a skilled tradesman who usually specializes in roof repair. Roofers repair, replace, or install the roofs of residential buildings, using various materials, such as slate, gypsum, bitumen, and other metal-based roofing materials. There are also many who specialize in repairing roof shingles that have been damaged beyond repair. Other professionals in the field include electricians, plumbers, landscapers, carpenters, roofing installers, and horticulture experts. In addition, some specialize in the manufacture of various roofing materials, such as metal roof tiles, metal shingles, metal roof shingles and metal roofing shingles. For more information, visit their website at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing-Roofer Athens

A Roofer stands in one of two places: either he is on the ground, providing hands-on work, or he stands on a ladder, inspecting and assessing the condition of roofs to be replaced or repaired. When inspecting roofs, Roofer’s inspect for cracks, deteriorated flashing, missing and broken shingles, missing or broken shingle granules, missing or broken fiberglass mesh, discoloration or deterioration of the underside of the fascia board, uneven footings, buckling of the fascia boards, or missing or cracked valleys. To replace a roof or repair damage, a Roofer will assess each item and suggest the best course of action. When repairing roofs, the Roofer may suggest the use of flexible hot air insulation under the shingles; or if the roof has a tendency to leak, he may recommend the use of flexible drywall under flashing.

A Roofer is a valuable member of the roofing crew because he or she can inspect the entire roof to determine if the repair is viable, or whether another approach should be taken to solve the problem. Sometimes Roofer is also asked to inspect different parts of the roof such as the valleys between shingles or whether to use different roofing materials (such as asphalt). The Roofer’s observations, expertise, and attention to detail are invaluable to the roofer. Not only does the Roofer have the experience and skills required to complete the task, but he or she also has the ability to let the roofing company know what the customer really wants.