Review on How to Cut Your Own Hair

Here is some sound and good advice on how to cut own hair. One way is to get your haircut done by a professional hairstylist. Then just cut around a 1/2 inch off ever 5 or 6 weeks around your head to keep the same style. You will still want to visit to your hair stylist every now and again to make sure the haircut stays even.Link

Some other simple and very easy ways to cut your own hair is to first wet the hair then comb all of your hair out. Then you will want to comb your hair into small sections in between your middle and you index finger and then cut the hair in a straight line. You will continue cutting in small sections from one side to the other. You will always want to double check and make sure the haircut is even. Next, part your hair where you normally do and comb it straight down. Then just repeat once again using small sections of hair in between your index and middle finger as you check for any longer or uneven pieces of hair. When you do find any longer pieces, be sure to go ahead and cut then off.

Now if your dealing with or have curly hair, you’ll want to be sure to cut your hair dry. Making sure not to cut to much off as curly or wavy hair always springs back much shorter after it dry’s. This is because the more you cut off the less weight the hair has to pull down on the curl. This less weight in the hair will most times cause the curly hair to spring or bounce back much shorter. This of course will depend if the hair is just wavy, curly of very kinky, so it is best to decide the length to cut before going at it. A really good rule to follow here is to only cut very short lengths at first. once you get a pretty good understanding how much the hair will spring back once it dries. You will start to get a good feel for the amount to cut.
No matter what kind of hair style you’re going for, when you believe you are finished, go back and check to make sure the cut is even. This can be done by taking sections of hair from opposite sides and bring then around to the front of your face either towards the eyes, nose, chin or jaw. You will then want to see if the two lengths are matching up evenly.
When it comes to cutting your bangs, unless your 100% sure, cut them dry. You always want to check for cow licks and the direction the hair grows. Hair that is in the face and forehead area, tends to grow in very different patterns then the rest on the head, so be sure to cut the bangs when they are just about or totally dry and doing it in very small sections at a time. This will help to ensure a desired bang cut. Another good tip to follow when it comes to cutting bangs is to point cut the bangs by starting from one side and working the cut to the other. Also take note that attempting to cut straight even bangs can be very difficult to do. Be sure and take your time when it come to cutting your bangs. With a little practice, you’ll start to get this bang cutting techniques down.
Now a days a lot of men are either wearing their hair very short “buzzed” or tapered. Buzzing your hair is very easy to do at home. You’ll want to use electric hair clippers, with the proper guard. You can set the clippers to any length you would like. The guards will range from next to nothing or bald to a little over an inch. Just decide on the length and start cutting the hair with them. A Good Tip Here is: If the hair pattern is grows in from one side say the right then just run the clippers in the opposite direct that the hair is growing. Then just repeat using the clippers by going all over the head with them a few times.