North Richland Hills Orthodontist Association -An Overview

An orthodontist is an expert in the treatment of malocclusion, or misalignment of the teeth. Orthodontics is a very important specialty of dentistry which deals mainly with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and correction of dental malocclusion and misalignments. It may also specialize in modifying facial development, sometimes referred to as facial orthopedics. An orthodontist who specializes in braces may do so for patients with severely malocclusion issues or those with structural asymmetry such as a trifolar tooth movement. North Richland Hills Orthodontist Association is one of the authority sites on this topic. Orthodontists are also expected to provide preventive maintenance services for patients with dental problems.

Before you decide on which orthodontist to approach, you should check their qualifications, reviews from previous patients and affiliations with professional associations and institutions. Also find out how much they cost for visits and how much insurance they carry. It’s important to choose an orthodontist with whom you feel comfortable. Make sure that you tell your dentist about your goals for oral health care so that he or she can help you achieve those goals.

A highly recommended by many dentists is for their patients to get a thorough x-ray of their mouth so that orthodontists know what materials will need to be used for braces, whether crowns, bridges, retainers or other work. You will probably have a complete medical history taken in the examination room, including any current medications you’re taking, any histories of gum disease or oral conditions such as diabetes or Lupus. Your jaw will also be examined using a variety of tools, including x-rays, CT scans, MRI and bite sensors. Your treatment may include working with a general dentist as well as an orthodontist specializing in orthodontics.