Naturopathy Zurich – An Overview

Naturopathy is a broad branch of health care science that emphasizes the study of the body’s ability to heal itself through a concerted effort involving diet, medicinal regimens, and stress management. The underlying philosophy of naturopathy is the belief that disease is a result of an imbalance in the diet and life force in the patient. Naturopathy believes that by addressing the body’s natural defenses can effectively cure or at least mitigate most medical conditions. Naturopathy also believes that illness arises when the body’s systems are compromised by an environmental, mental, or emotional cause. Common examples of environmental causes include pesticides, chemical pollutants, and exposure to diseases and toxins. Mental causes can be trauma, emotional abuse, or poverty. Learn more by visiting Praxis Ganz Gesund-Naturheilkunde Zürich.

There are two major ways to approach naturopathy, the first being traditional naturopathy, which is the study of allopathy, including naturopathy. Traditional naturopathy assumes that the cause of disease is an ailment that can be treated by restoring the body’s homeostasis. It also treats illness by addressing the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of the patient. However, there are many other modalities of naturopathy, includingholistic naturopathy, herbal naturopathy, ayurvedic naturopathy, and pediatric naturopathy. These modalities are often used in conjunction with one another for a more complete picture of the disease and its cure.

In the last few years, many medical schools and colleges in the United States have begun to incorporate naturopathy into their course offerings. Courses offered by naturopathy colleges generally include an introduction to the philosophy of naturopathy, common disorders and symptoms, the benefits of naturopathy, basic procedures and equipment used in performing naturopathy, diagnosis and treatment of various ailments, and lastly, professional naturopathy education. Apart from this, naturopathy programs also include internships, externships, and college teaching jobs. All in all, these courses have helped many young doctors become trained in the fundamental principles of naturopathy.