Myrtle Beach Plantation Shutter Installation – An Analysis

Plantation shutters immediately add beauty and class to every house, and they’re a very simple do-it-yourself project as well. With the right equipment and some simple handyman knowledge, almost everyone can mount their own plantation shutters. plantation shutter installation near me

Collect the tools

You’ll need the appropriate equipment before you can begin installing your plantation shutters. The majority of these resources should be readily accessible in a simple tool box. You’ll need a pencil and a metal tape measure to locate the exact positions for your shutters. A wood shim, which is a thin piece of uniformly cut wood used for spacing, and a level are needed to ensure certain positions are correct (and to hang the shutters with ease). A drill and a screwdriver are needed to hang the shutters. Both are usually included with the standard kit of an electric drill, but make sure you have the correct shaped drill head and screwdriver head before you start.

Proper Positioning

The success and elegance of your plantation shutters are largely determined by how well they are installed when they are installed. Your completed shutters would not look absolutely right if you do not set up your system properly, and you will have to re-hang them. Place your wood shim on top of your windowsill to begin your project. The shim holds your shutters in position as you label their correct positions, maintains them in place while you mount them, and guarantees that they are all equally spaced from the windowsill. Place the whole package of window shutters on top of your window shim. Line them up with your window the way you want them to look, then double-check that they’re level. Mark where you’ll need to dig with the guidance holes.


Remove the shutters and drill the right holes after you’ve labelled your drill guides. Wood anchors would have came with your shutters, which you must now mount through your drill holes to guarantee that they will support the weight of the shutters. Return the shutters to the wood shim after inserting the anchors. Screw the shutters into position after aligning them with the holes and anchors. Consider using matching screw covers to complete the work, since they can polish the overall appearance of your shutters.