Know more about 18 hole courses

Have you ever found yourself confused by the number of golf courses you can play in? Do you want to know how to distinguish a good golf course from a crappy one? My friend asked the same questions to himself a few months back. In one city alone he had over ten golf courses to choose from and he didn’t know where to start. view the page

So he decided to try all of them one at a time. In the end, the golf course he chose as his favorite came as a surprise to us. It didn’t have the best facilities nor did it have the best view or most excellently manicured lawns. In fact, it was a very small and tight course with lots of sand traps and water hazards.

But apparently, he was very good when it came to his short game. What does this all mean? Golfers choose their favorite golf courses based on their golfing strengths. If you are very good at hitting straight and far reaching shots, then you are bound to love golf courses that allow you to execute these shots in every hole.

On the other hand-if you are like my friend-you’ll like golf courses that allow you to make short but accurate shots. Of course, a good challenge would be fun once in a while. But if you are looking for a golf course where you can play a relaxing game in, that’s the one you’ll frequent. If you are going to buy a golf club membership, you’ll likewise choose a golf course you like.

That is why golfers love inviting people to play with them in their membership course. It’s because they play best in that kind of course to begin with. The fact that they have lots of experience playing in that same course only comes second. So if you’ve been wondering how golfers choose their favorite golf courses, this is the reason why.