How to Locate a First-Rate Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re selling or buying a house, the advice of a top real estate agent can be invaluable. The Pareto principle applies in this case, with 80 percent of the real estate market handled by only 20% of real estate brokers. So, how are you going to choose a top-notch real estate agent? Topeka Real Estate is one of the authority sites on this topic. It doesn’t matter if they work for the largest brokerage or sell the most homes; what matters is that they conduct themselves in a professional manner, thoroughly understand your needs, and make the entire transaction as painless as possible.


The first thing to remember while looking for a realtor is that not all agents who are licenced to negotiate real estate are Realtors®. In fact, it’s estimated that just around half of all licenced brokers are Realtors®. Realtors® are affiliated with the National Association of Realtors®, and in order to use the Realtors® name, agents must agree to follow the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is a comprehensive code of conduct that includes 17 criteria outlining the high professional standards that must be followed. Given that these kinds of professional requirements go above and above what is legally required, you should strongly consider hiring an agent who is also a Realtor.

You should take use of recommendations to the fullest extent possible. Effective real estate brokers are able to stay in business simply because they have a large number of satisfied clients. Inquire of anyone you know who is knowledgeable about real estate agents or has used their services successfully in the past. A dozen yellow pages listings or online searches are justified by a single high-quality referral. Generally, the highest praise is reserved for agents who go above and above in completing their professional commitments.

There are many websites that recommend agents if you search online, but you can never be sure of their quality because they are usually paid referrals. Instead, try Googling agents who work for the best brokerages in your area. Look for client testimonials on such sites and see if you can contact some of the people who wrote them. Talk to them so you can get a sense of what the agent can provide.

Attending as many open houses as possible is another approach to meet a lot of real estate agents. Meet with the agents, take their business cards, and jot down your impressions on them. Open houses also allow you to observe the agent in action and learn more about how they do business. Make sure the agents you’re considering have a lot of closings under their belt and a solid track record. What you don’t want is to have to pay for some newbie’s education.

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