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In order to have the best shutter system for your home you should consider a few things before ordering them or having them custom made to your specifications. Wooden Shutters Reading is one of the authority sites on this topic. Regardless if you choose to have shutters for your windows to keep light out, to match the architectural style of the house and of the neighbourhood, if you look to protect your windows or to keep noise out, for better heat isolation or to prevent condensation, be they only decorative or truly functional, shutters allow you a great deal of customization in regards to the material they are made of, the size and style they can be crafted to match and most of all in regards to the paint finishes.


First of all you should consider the style your shutters should comply to, be it traditional or modern, so that it best compliments your outdoor house design and matches the neighbourhood architecture. The various types of shutters and material used in their manufacturing will lend themselves to any decor as to complement any style for exterior or interior decoration you have in mind. The most popular shutters are the three and a half louvre made shutters. the size of the louvre actually determines the amount of light which will enter the house when the shutters are open.

The second consideration you should make is in regards to the function your shutters should service. If the main concern is for privacy the best choice is the divider type shutters which both allow light in the room but keep the bottom side of the window closed. If your shutters are only meant to service a decorative purpose you can only have them hinged to the wall and not worry about proper functionality and this is the type that allows the most steps for customization. For intense use you could opt for automated or remote controlled shutters which are the easiest to operate.

Another thing to take into account is the type of mount (inside or outside) as to best suit your house. The most commonly used mount for shutters is the inside mount as it provides the best custom look to the overall architectural style.

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