DUI Attorney Pulls Out All of the Stops for Clients

We all know it’s not a good idea to drink and drive. It could cost you money, property, prison time, or even your life if you do it. With this in mind, it may be beneficial to look at a frightening scenario and use humour to lighten the mood. Consider some of the strategies used by a DUI solicitor to get his clients off the hook for drinking and driving.  click to read Limo Crash Becomes Deadliest Crash in 9 Years

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder, or GERD, is a little-known disease that has received a lot of attention in the legal community. Acid, bile, and food get trapped in the oesophagus, causing this disease. Coughing, heartburn, and a sore throat are some of the symptoms. What does this have to do with driving while inebriated? As it turns out, toxicologists have testified that stress can cause GERD. Is there anything more painful than blowing a breathalyser? In legal terms, this means that using GERD as a protection will make blood-alcohol levels blown on a breathalyser inadmissible in court.

A DUI counsel used the argument that his client has a tongue ring in addition to the defence of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease to clear his client of driving under the influence of alcohol charges. The mouth must be free of foreign substances in order for this protection to function. Mouth-alcohol contamination can occur if foreign substances are present in the mouth. This works because the foreign object absorbs the alcohol like a sponge, causing the blood-alcohol level to rise.

The use of breath strips is another well-known defence that a DUI lawyer has used for his client. Since these breath strips contain small quantities of alcohol, if a client places one in his mouth before taking a breathalyser test, the results will be tainted. In a court of law, this will render the test invalid. Many lawyers dismiss this defence, claiming that it seldom, if ever, works. The biggest flaw in this defence is that the person convicted of driving while intoxicated would have had to put the breath strip on his or her tongue right before the breathalyser test. This will almost certainly have to take place in the presence of the arresting officer.