Cincinnati House Painter Association- A Review

A Covington, Kentucky-based house painter that works as an asset for several commercial and residential clients has decided to create a home-based business by offering its services to other painting contractors. Frank Zani, the house painter who started the Cincinnati House Painter Association, believes in the one-on-one personal touch of professional painters. In this interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Zani about his services, his thoughts on outsourcing his painting services and how he feels that it’s important to be part of a local community while painting houses for families and individuals. Learn more by visiting Cincinnati House Painter Association.

I first learned about Cincinnati House Painting from a friend who had received a copy of the House Beautiful Magazine. While I appreciated the feature on painting contractors, I was impressed with the House Beautiful piece on Zani’s website. He is a certified painting contractor and works on residential and commercial properties in the Cincinnati area. His specialty is kitchen and bath painting, which he pursued after years of experience working for remodeling and renovation companies.

Frank Zani offers a full range of painting services, including exterior painting, interior painting, carpet cleaning, stain removal, upholstery and upholstering, painting the deck, siding and trim, painting the bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and custom painting. Many of the services are performed on-site at the customer’s residence or business, but some can be performed on the customer’s property if that is what the customer wants. Frank Zani started his own painting company in 2021, which has since expanded into a nationwide home painting contractor. His main goal is to provide his clients with the best service possible, and at a very affordable price.