Characteristics of St Charles Concrete Raising Association

Make up your own storey. Many Redi-mix manufacturers also sell coloured concrete, and concrete colour stains are another choice for a beautiful finished product. There are “cast-on” materials that can include a non-slip surface, a super hard surface, and even anti-spalling compounds to prevent the sidewalk from chipping due to winter salt use. Depending on the hue of the sand and Portland cement used, most redi-mix concrete dries in a shade of beige. Request that your supplier show you where he has poured his product and inspect it. This will give you a sense of how the “ageing” product will appear in the future. St Charles Concrete Raising Association has some nice tips on this.

Once you’ve decided on the colour of concrete you’ll use, you’ll need to figure out how strong it needs to be. Except for very heavy usage or vehicle traffic, I suggest using 3000# strength concrete for all sidewalks. Using 4000# or 5000# if cars will be crossing the sidewalk. It will cost a few bucks per yard more, but it will last much longer.It’s made of tiles. Tiles are available in a wide range of colours and designs, but you are limited to the choices available. Concrete, like paint, gives you the ability to create your own look. Tile needs a solid surface to be laid on, which means you’ll probably need concrete anyway. Furthermore, the concrete, tile, and grout all expand and contract at different rates, making it vulnerable to cracking, particularly in harsh weather. Grout lines come with tile, which means you’ll have to clean them. Is that what there is to it? Flagstone is a natural stone. Flagstone and natural stone, like tile, typically require a concrete foundation and grout for a semi-permanent slab, which means it has the same drawbacks as tile. Furthermore, you are restricted to what Mother Nature produces, while with concrete, you can select your own colours. You’ll end up with an uneven nightmare with weeds growing between the stones if you don’t use the concrete foundation or grout/mortar.