Carpet Dyeing Explained

Have you considered getting a new carpet to replace your stained and faded one? Consider getting your stains removed and your carpet coloured by a carpet cleaning professional if your carpet is otherwise in good condition. Many people are unaware that carpet dyeing has been practised by apartment and business building management for many years. Here are a few guidelines to help you determine whether or not your carpet is suitable for dying. To begin, determine whether the carpet is nylon or wool. Using a glass or ceramic dish, collect a few strands of fibre. Wait around fifteen minutes after adding a few drops of household bleach. The carpet is most likely nylon or wool, and it can be coloured if the fibres lighten. Learn more by visiting Carpet Dyeing.

The colour of a carpet can vary over time as a result of exposure to sunshine. The fading of nylon or wool carpets caused by the sun or fumes can be easily corrected. This is referred to as colour restoration.

The next step is to see if the carpet stains can be removed. It’s helpful to know what caused the stain on the carpet in the first place. Some stains can be lessened to the point of being nearly undetectable, while others are permanent.

Allowing the carpet to be dyed a darker colour is one technique to avoid having to decide how the carpet was soiled. This is the option chosen by the majority of commercial managers. Only darker carpets can be dyed; lighter carpets cannot be coloured. Carpet dye is clear, unlike paint, which hides what’s underlying. The carpet dye’s colour blends with the carpet’s present colour to generate a new third colour. It looks like a watercolour painting. Each hue complements the previous one.

It costs roughly a dollar per square foot to have your carpet coloured by a professional. Look for carpet dyers in your local phone book to find a carpet dye specialist near you. If there aren’t any, check the carpet cleaning advertisements to see if they provide carpet dying or colour correction. Color repair training is more prevalent among carpet cleaning specialists that claim membership in a skill organisation.

Carpets that are stained or faded can be an eyesore. Having your carpet professionally coloured is a cost-effective alternative to buying new carpeting.

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