Bathroom Cabinet Makers’ Different Styles

Bathroom cabinet makers, like other furniture artisans, employ a variety of designs, giving consumers a wide range of options for their homes. Continue reading to learn more about these types and how they appear. Then pick your favourite!
Scandinavian Design is a minimalist style that emphasises clean lines and allows the natural beauty of the materials to shine through. There is very little ornamentation in comparison to other designs. In the other direction, French Provincial uses paint or gilding on nearly every surface. Flat surfaces are covered in painted scenes, with gold leaf accenting the corners and sides. A wide range of woods are used.If you’re looking for more tips, Cabinet maker has it for you.

Since they had little choice but to rely on what they had, early American colonists built a style of little or no metal. Instead, they used joinery and steam bending. Deciduous hardwoods and fruit trees such as cherries and walnuts are used in early American Colonial styles. It was just too costly to import products.
The Rustic style, also known as the log cabin style, is the least completed. With an edge left entirely unchecked, the natural wood character shines through. Rustic is a very practical style. Pine, fir, spruce, and cedar are the most common woods used.
The mission style is defined by thick lines and heavy, flat oaken panels. Pulls and stays are usually made of black iron and are very heavy and dark. In the early twentieth century, mission became famous.
Oriental or Asian architecture, which originates from across the sea, makes use of easily recycled materials such as bamboo or rattan. Red is the most popular colour for good luck, with stylized landscapes and ornamental phrases.
Shaker furniture is based on the democratic cultures of the American East and emphasises function and symmetrical lines. It is both realistic and strong, putting the community’s needs ahead of the artist’s.