A Spotlight of Gannon & Scott Inc – Precious Metals Refining

Also, it’s amazing how much commerce is conducted over the phone or with just a handshake. In this, as in any other business, the trust you earn is your most valuable asset. Since those early years, I’ve had a number of eye-opening experiences in this area. I received a call from a retired dentist who had two five-gallon plastic buckets FULL with gold that he’d accumulated over the course of his long career.Do you want to learn more? Visit Gannon & Scott Inc – Precious Metals Refining

 Once a year, when he needed to sell ten or fifteen ounces of his treasure to pay taxes, he’d phone me. I found a farmer with about 10,000 catalytic converters in his barn, a scrap yard with over 5,000, and others offering me all kinds of scrap materials with only the promise of future payment.

Are you considering investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum? Then there are some restrictions and risks to be aware of before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Precious metals’ value can vary like other investments, but it can also increase with time. But are you willing to take the chance that your investment would lose $100 per ounce? Do you have enough time left in your life to wait for the value of your investment to rise to the point where it is worth its initial price? Gold’s value has risen from around $150 per ounce in the late 1970s to over $900 per ounce in recent years, and has even surpassed $1000 per ounce.

If you believe precious metals-based mutual funds are a better risk than your other options, keep in mind that some of these funds were only established recently. Because the world’s monetary systems are now essentially supported by a country’s gross domestic product, investing in precious metals is considered as a safer way of securing money when the value of the dollar falls as a result of a recession or depression (GDP).