A Closer Look Into Solar co-ops

Solar co-ops offer valuable service throughout every stage of the solar energy process. Participating in a cooperative effort allows you to enjoy cost-savings while providing a needed service to the community. Participating in a cooperative effort includes buying low-cost materials at wholesale prices, preparing and installing solar panels, training and advising others, and operating the ongoing maintenance. All team members together contribute to the continued maintenance and upkeep of the cooperative. this content
Most solar co-ops offer low-cost materials at wholesale prices. This allows both new and old homeowners the opportunity to obtain high-quality panel systems at bargain-basement prices. Many homeowners opt to purchase solar systems and pay outright cash upfront. Others work with experienced solarizing companies who help them through the purchase and installation of their system and even finance the system by providing low-interest or no-interest loans for several years.
Some solar co-ops work with homeowners and large-scale corporations to create a mutual relationship between the two groups. The goal of this type of cooperative is to help each group to achieve its own goals. For example, a small group of solar co-ops might buy enough solar panels from a manufacturer to go completely off-grid. The manufacturer then sells these surplus panels to the entire solar cooperative, creating a ready source of renewable energy for everyone.
Another great benefit to going with a local or small cooperative is that homeowners can get individual, discounted pricing on solar panels. Often it would be too expensive to have a large company to install the system for just one or two individuals. A large company could take weeks or months to complete the installation and deliver the finished product, but a local team can do it in a matter of days, greatly reducing the cost. As a homeowner, you get the benefit of discounted pricing, and the larger solar co-ops can even offer to install your project for free.